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Are you interested in building your first crypto or NFT project? Do have an existing project and you are in need of an advisor or project manager? With 10+ years in the crypto space, I can help build your project from start to finish!

DAta analytics and research

In the NFT and Crypto space, businesses need to make sense of the data associated with projects. There is an evolution of the way data is being read and presented in the Web3 space and I am your lady for it! Data creates information that gives confidence for potential members to join your community. I am skilled in data analytics, data presentations and data visualization to help the community better understand your project!

Public Speaking

As a professional speaker, I have been fortunate to appear on panels for companies like Meta and speak about my experience in the industry. My ability break down complex topics into easily understandable terms makes me perfect for your next live event or podcast! Whether you want an inspiring story or technical analysis of crypto and NFT knowledge--I will be able help bring these ideas alive with passion!

Event Planning

I'm doing everything I can to help the crypto and NFT community grow. From hosting monthly meetups, planning private events for businesses, educating my fellow members of this thriving industry with technical analysis sessions or presentations on new trends in cryptocurrency--I want everyone who is interested know that they have a place where it's possible to belong!

Follow my event page and join us for our next curated event or reach out to me to plan your next crypto and NFT event.

Social media marketing and advertising

I know the value of social media channels, and I'm more than happy to help you get your brand's message out there. Did someone say affordable?

My services offer an efficient way for brands like yours (with great success) create targeted engagement with key demographics via my powerful platforms- all at a price that won't break any bank accounts!

I have a knack for understanding what it takes to reach your desired audience, and will make sure you’re not missing any steps along the way. With my experience in social media marketing strategies as well other brand-building programs such has email list building or content creation - I can put our efforts on track so that they live up high!


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